BBA Update: Party Hard before eviction

June 11, 2013, 7:03 am

Party Hard before eviction

Saturdays, is the day I get dressed and party on with the housemates. I was very happy to hear that Jossy Joss, last year’s Big Brother representative that unfortunately was the first housemate to leave the Big brother house, was going to be entertaining the housemates and I on Saturday. But before those details, Day 13 had its own tales to tell.

The nominate Lk4 is starting to confuse me. Just the other time he felt he made a mistake choosing Koketso over Beverly, but I am thinking because of the swap LK4 has no choice but to stick to Koketso or once again realized that he likes Koketso more than Beverly. I am hoping that Lk4 does not have troubles making a concrete decision outside the big brother house. Koketso on the other hand decided to take the game more serious and no more miss nice girl. This reaction was caused by the rumors around the house about Lk4 being a player apparently by Pokello.

Besides this being the day housemate’s dance and drink up a storm with Jossy Joss, this is the day the winners of the crushes get to finally spend the time big brother gave them together in the rendezvous room. The winners Cleo and Hakeem both chose each other and thanks to their housemates they got the most crushes. As housemates whispered on what could happen between Hakeem and Cleo, Annabel was certain that they would spend a lot of time together and will be really enjoying each other’s company. With Hakeem being up for nominations I have my fingers crossed he does not get evicted because I would like to see how far this admirable relationship will go.

The housemates start preparing for the party with Jossy Joss and for the first time the housemates got to party together, well not in the same house. Big brother organized a space were the housemates can see each other and the DJ but separated by glass. It was a pretty nice party to watch. Selly got really wasted and was refusing to go back to the house; the bouncers had to talk her to getting into the house. She also poured alcohol onto Pokelo, Pokelo got angry and before things blew up Cleo and Elikem was there to calm them both down. If Selly did that on purpose or not, I cannot really say. The night went on with the housemates dancing away and enjoying each other through the glass separating them. They did dance offs over the glass wall and Cleo and Hakeem got to see each other.

I would like to use this platform to say Jossy Joss did a spectacular job representing Namibia in terms of diversity and musical skill. He played local songs which did not only expose Namibian music to Africa but also brought Dillish and Maria closer to home.