BBA Update: The Big Swap

June 11, 2013, 6:55 am

The Big Swap

Its day 12 (Friday) morning and the residence gym instructor is in the house ready to get the housemates on their feet but this did not seem like a typical morning because housemates seemed tired. You might be thinking yes they are tired because of the weeks fitness tasks and I would agree but not fully. The housemates indulging in a deep sleep is LK4 and Koketso and Bolt and Betty. Besides these couples, Natasha and Hakeem also felt the need to enjoy their morning sleep. Bolt and Betty on the other hand “bumped and grinded” all night long while the others were sleeping. You all probably saw the circulating erotic and intense picture of Bolt and Betty on Facebook and Twitter. Well Beauty and the Beast have been at it for a while now. I don’t blame them, if Africa can watch them take a shower, the might as well watch them have sex.

The day started slow with most housemates missing out on the morning exercises and BOOM big brother gave the housemates an adrenaline rush with an announcement of the new task that allows the winner of the task to deny a fellow housemate from taking part in the HOH task and thus can and may not be HOH of the week. Immediately the housemates did the task and from the unfortunately for Beverly and Dillish, they fell prey for this new twist.  Winner of the Ruby house Cleo chose Dillish and winner of the ‘Power of no’ task from in the diamond house Hakeem chose Dillish. It seems to me that Hakeem is not really fond of Dillish, I do not have the exact reasons but my BBA instincts are saying something, with time I will confirm for you about this feeling I have. Cleo choosing Beverly is too a bit fishy but let me not jump to conclusions and just keep a look out.

Few hours later the housemates were happy to know that they will be meeting up with the other housemates at the arena for the airtel showdown and YES this means there will be a swap. The housemates were very happy to see each other, most especially Hakeem and Cleo and I am sure they were having their fingers crosses in hope for a swap that can get them together. The housemates from both teams competed against each other to the point where I think they forgot that their HoH will probably be likely to have the chance to swap them. Imagine your house wins the competition but head of house doesn’t like you and could probably swap or not swap you. Personally I wouldn’t want my house to win. But the both houses either ignored that fact or were enjoying being so competitive and it slipped their minds. The Lucky Ruby house won the airtel challenge and HoH Selly had the tough decision to make the swap. She seemed confused and it was obvious to the housemates watching. Selly first announce who she wanted to bring into the Ruby house which was South African Angelo and Ghana’s Elikem . She then chose Beverly and Biguesas to join the Diamond house.

This swap did not only affect the housemates swapped but the remaining housemates Maria’s snuggle teddy Beverly left her friend not only lonely but with no one to share a bed with. Fatima and Elikem are separated and the one obvious swapped the both housemates thought would happen did not happen for Cleo and Hakeem. Hakeen was angry with Sellys decision for not swapping Cleo into the diamond as he said “fuck you” to the screen they watched Selly from. Will this couple ever get the chance to be together again? Right now I am looking forward to see who got most crushes, did the housemates cupid game work?