SPYL leader wants more Swapo members in Kunene

10 Jun 2013 12:30
OPUWO, 10 JUN (NAMPA) - The Deputy Secretary-General of the Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL), Veikko Nekundi has called on the party?s elected leaders to deliver or quit office.
Nekundi made the remarks at a Swapo-Party meeting held at Opuwo last week during his familiarisation visit to the Kunene Region.
?Leaders who do not deliver cause damage to the movement and causes distrust amongst the people who voted them into the power,? Nekundi noted.
He added that leaders should consult and seek advice, use positive criticism and serve the people ?as servants, not as bosses?.
According to Nekundi, being a leader or being elected to a high position does not mean someone is more intelligent than everyone else, and as such consultation becomes vital.
?Taking the party to greater heights is possible when leaders promote unity and truthfulness and discourage gossip and competition between wings and the mother body,? he stated.
He called on the leaders of the Swapo-Party in the Kunene Region to work as a unit to change the party?s status of being an opposition party in the region.
Kunene is the only one of the 13 regions in the country where opposition parties - United Democratic Front (UDF) and the DTA of Namibia - have more members than Swapo.
?How does it feel to be the opposition? It sounds strange that the Swapo Party is an opposition party, but that is the truth in the Kunene Region. Swapo is the opposition, not ruling party,? Nekundi stated.
Six constituencies fall under the Kunene Regional Council, of which three councillors are from the UDF; two from the DTA; and one from Swapo.
The SPYL Deputy Secretary-General said hard work can change the status if all leaders to work towards a collective purpose.
The meeting was attended by the party?s leaders from the Opuwo district.