Murangi uncertain over his future at Witvlei Village Council

17 Feb 2014 17:40pm
WITVLEI, 17 FEB (NAMPA) – Witvlei Village Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chris Murangi says his future at the village council still remains unclear.
Murangi had been on suspension since August last year pending the outcome of investigations against him, but reported for duty on Monday.
He said a few issues still need clarification as he is yet to receive a formal hand-over of power from those who had been acting as CEO.
Jan Strauss, and lately Loide Nambili, acted as CEO during Murangi’s suspension.
Murangi told Nampa upon his assumption of duty that his return to office has not been formalised, as there was no one to welcome him in order to have an official transfer of work to him.
A paragraph in his letter of reinstatement that “…the Disciplinary Committee (DC) has made other recommendations which will be discussed with you upon your assume of duty…” has added to the confusion.
“I am worried as to what these recommendations may be, and am also concerned why they were not spelled out in the letter. What if it is conditions that would make my operation here difficult as a CEO?” Murangi noted.
He said he will wait on the management committee to inform him of the recommendations of the DC before he can map his future at the village council.
Murangi was appointed to head the Village Council in July 2011, but was suspended eight months later. After operating without a CEO for the better part of nearly two years, Murangi was recalled to fill his position and assumed duty on 03 January last year.
He was however suspended again in August 2013 as CEO of the village, pending an investigation into allegations of maladministration.
According to Murangi, 12 charges were brought against him. He was only informed of the charges two months after his suspension on August 17 last year.
He, however, won the case last October after the council failed to provide proof of the charges.
The village council had to pay two people as CEO - Murangi himself and the person acting in that capacity.