Haikali hits back at MTCÂ’s Ekandjo

10 Jun 2013 10:37

Black Africa owner, Ranga Haikali warned MTC that it should not interfere in the club’s administration after his side was accused of ditching the logo of the mobile operator on their football jerseys last season.
The words were directed to MTC’s corporate and HR chief Tim Ekandjo, who made remarks that BA’s refusal to have their football jerseys branded with an MTC logo was disrespectful.
“Black Africa will always be indebted to our football sponsors, by the same
token, we would like to appeal to MTC to leave the administration and rollout of our football programme to us, football people, while we recognise that nobody is bigger and greater than the game. This arrogance is uncalled for and Black Africa is extremely disappointed by the public treats and insults MTC lashed out against BA,” said Haikali.
BA donned the logo of the First National Bank on its shirts after the bank has gives them a sponsorship of N$734 800 a season as part of an agreement. Ekandjo told BA management to adhere to the rules and regulations as set up by MTC who are the main sponsors of the Namibia Premier League (NPL).“I wish to remind and caution the leadership of Black Africa, that you are competing under the MTC Namibia Premiership and not that of your own or your club sponsor, you therefore need to respect and uphold the rules and regulations under which the main sponsor MTC and the NPL have agreed on certain critical aspects like branding, giving post match interviews amongst many other things. Yes we know that you have a club sponsor which we also respect and encourage in the interest of the clubs wellbeing, but please do not deliberately go out of your way to show the league sponsor disrespect,” said Ekandjo.