Rundu police confiscate counterfeit goods

10 Jun 2013 08:00
RUNDU, 10 JUN (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Kavango Region confiscated several consignments of counterfeit and illicit goods at Rundu in a two-day operation last week.
?Operation Etosha? was carried out on Thursday and Friday.
Most of the confiscated products were smuggled into the country from Angola and China through undesignated entry points due to the fact that the products were illegal, and because the guilty parties wanted to avoid paying tax at the border.
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) operation involved stakeholders from the immigration department in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, and the customs department in the Ministry of Finance, and targeted suspected storage facilities, streets and open markets.
The Rundu Police Station?s Commander, Chief Inspector Angelius Hausiku told reporters on Sunday the two-day operation was ?very successful? as they managed to confiscate several goods ranging from vitamin tablets and cosmetics to counterfeit compacts discs (CDs) and ?Yes? cigarettes, which were smuggled in from Angola.
Chief Inspector Hausiku explained that although the combined value of the confiscated products has not yet been established, some of the products are sold for between N.dollars 50 and N.dollars 100 on the street, while the cigarettes are sold at a mere N.dollar 1 per cigarette.
No arrests have been made in connection with the matter yet.
The Rundu Police Station Commander cautioned people not to buy counterfeit goods on the streets as they are not only being robbed of their hard-earned money, but such products are also potentially harmful to their health.
He indicated that the police will continue confiscating any counterfeit products they encounter.