Cooperate with authorities on quarantine: Marenga

14 Feb 2014 13:40pm
TALISMANUS, 14 FEB (NAMPA) - The Councillor for the Otjombinde Constituency, Karii Marenga has called on the community of Otjombinde to cooperate with law enforcers and all other relevant stakeholders in tracing two suspected stolen cattle in the area.
The two cows are amongst three heads of cattle allegedly stolen from neighbouring Botswana and driven into Namibia through the Otjombinde Constituency in the Omaheke Region.
The Otjombinde Constituency borders Botswana on its southern and eastern sides.
The Botswana district bordering Namibia has been proclaimed as an area of high presence of foot and mouth disease amongst animals, and as such any animal crossing over into another district initially needs to be placed under quarantine.
The theft of the cows has led to authorities in the region banning the movement of animals and animal products in and out of that constituency, until such animals are found and cleared of any possible foot and mouth disease.
Only one cow has thus far been located, leading to the arrest of two suspects who are currently in police custody at the Buitepos police station.
Marenga on Friday said the earlier the remaining cows can be traced and cleared of any infectious disease, the earlier the quarantine on Otjombinde can be lifted.
He said the community needs to work together and report any movement of stray animals not from the area to allow the relevant authorities to carry out their work as early as possible.
“I appeal to all of you to assist the law-enforcing agencies and all other people who are involved in the tracing of these animals.
Report any information you have on this matter to the police and let them deal with the matter. If we do not assist the authorities, they too will not lift the ban and we will remain restricted,” said Marenga.
The suspected stolen cattle were allegedly driven into the constituency from Botswana at an undesignated border crossing, most probably by cutting the border fence on Tuesday.