Dramatic armed robbery in Windhoek

November 20, 2012, 1:38 am

A prominent service station in Windhoek was help up at gun-point before robbers made away with more than N$120 000 inside a safe, around 3am today.

Three men in dark glasses, wearing hats and jackets entered Puma Service Station, formerly Caltex Bach Street, at the corner of Bach and John Meneirt streets at around 03:00 and demanded everyone onto the ground in Oshiwambo.

Two of the suspects were carrying what police described as firearms carrying live ammunition and the third was brandishing a knife.

There was only one customer inside the shop and the robbers force-marched all the fuel attendants who were sleeping outside into the shop. No bullet was fired.

After stripping off the ‘heavy’ safe, the robbers struck of the G4S coded alarm on the safe and vanished into the darkness on foot and a police patrol car arrived within two minutes of the incidents.

Within moments of viewing the dramatic footage of the armed heist from the shop cameras, a massive manhunt was launched by huge contingent of police officers mainly from the Namibia Police (Nampol).

Police search dogs, detectives and other heavily armed officers arrived at the scene but by 8am the suspects had not been apprehended as yet.

The Villager which arrived within moments of the incident also learnt that Nampol received a tipoff three days ago about an armed robbery at a service station but could not establish which service station would be hit.

It later emerged that the robbers had parked their car nearby and their vehicle actually drove past the police patrol car, which drove into the service station within two minutes of the robbery.