Oanob NDF members complete formative and development course

09 Jun 2013 07:20
REHOBOTH, 09 JUN (NAMPA) ? Seventy-three members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) received certificates at the Oanob Military Base on Friday after completing a formative and section commanders? development course.
Handing of the certificates at the military base at Rehoboth, Deputy Brigade Commander Colonel Holden Uulenga said 67 men and eight women were selected from the 21 Motor Infantry Brigade units to attend the seven-week course. Two of the participants however withdrew for various reasons before the end of the course.
Uulenga said the aim of the course was to impart knowledge on matters such as the control of troops, duties of a company sergeant major, and skills in the field of military aspect, military leadership and skills-at-arms to the NDF members.
The training included tactics such as navigation, platoon and section battle drills, platoon and section deliberate attacks, and rules of engagement in combat.
Uulenga added that this was the second phase of their in-service training, which has been programmed to run over five phases. Four of the phases are to be completed this year, while the fifth phase will be conducted in 2014.
?I heard reports that some of you attained good results in some of the subjects such as military aspect, personnel policy or human resources management, fund and institution mess rules, military hygiene, guard parade, posting and relieving of guards,? the Deputy Brigade Commander stated while addressing the graduation ceremony.
He urged the graduates to make use of the knowledge they obtained from the course, and called on the female warrant officers to be ready to be appointed as company sergeant majors in order for their knowledge and skills to be put in practice.