Southern youth spreading environmental education

08 Jun 2013 07:30
KEETMANSHOOP, 08 JUN (NAMPA) - The //Kharas Environmental Club, started and run by young people in Keetmanshoop, has decided to host an information distribution event to sensitise people in the region about caring for their environment.
The event will take place from 09 to 14 June at the Environmental Centre in /Ganigobes village situated 18 kilometres west of Tses.
People from Karasburg, /Ganigobes, Tses, Koes and Mariental in the Hardap Region are expected to attend the event.
Youth officer in Keetmanshoop and one of the young people in charge of the environmental club, Asmara Kaffer told Nampa on Saturday that amongst other things, presentations will be given on how desertification can be avoided by having people plant two trees after they cut down one, as well as on not wasting water and electricity.
Kaffer said the event will also provide education on the conservation of food to help with food security in the region.
?We have observed littering as a problem, that's why the club also decided to educate people to stop littering and be active in recycling materials,? she noted.
Also planned for event are nature walks ?to bring people close to nature? and make them understand the importance of conserving their natural environment.
The event was organised as a contribution to World Environment Day, which is observed globally on 05 June ever year to promote positive environmental actions.
It is used as a platform to inspire people to change their attitude towards their environment and to start caring for and protecting natural resources.
This year?s theme for Environment Day is ?Think.Eat.Save?, and particular focus is being placed on the wasting of food and food loss.
According to the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), 1,3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, which is equivalent to the amount of food produced in sub-Saharan African.