Increasing cases of domestic violence disturbing: Ngatjizeko

08 Jun 2013 06:30
KAMANJAB, 08 JUN (NAMPA) - The Minister of Safety and Security, Immanuel Ngatjizeko on Friday expressed dismay over the increasing cases of domestic violence in Namibia.
Ngatjizeko was speaking in Kamanjab at the commissioning of the revamped Kamanjab Police Sub-station on Friday morning.
Kamanjab is situated over 150 kilometres west of Outjo in the Kunene Region.
The minister said the increasing number of domestic violence cases in the country ?disturb him a lot? as Minister of Safety and Security.
?I am therefore calling upon community and church leaders to actively talk to their members and followers about this particular crime (domestic violence) against our vulnerable women and children,? he stated.
Ngatjizeko then urged Namibian Police Force (NamPol) members country-wide to work extra hard to reduce the mushrooming of illegal shebeens, and to arrest any individual found selling drugs or other prohibited substances.
The Safety and Security Minister said Government will continue to play its part to provide needed resources to maintain peace and security in the country, adding that it is also incumbent upon community members to play their role in the maintenance of peace and stability.
?Our community members should participate fully in the special policing programmes like Youth against Crime, the Men and Women Network and neighbourhood watches, amongst other community policing platforms, aimed at the provision of safety and security,? he said.
Ngatjizeko then stated that it is a well-known fact that criminals some from within communities, hence co-operation between community members and the police could effectively root out criminals in the country.
He discouraged the residents of Kamanjab from harbouring criminals, and called on them to provide the necessary information and support needed to arrest criminals.
Speaking on behalf of the general public here in his closing remarks, /Gaio-Daman Traditional Authority Chief Max Haraseb thanked Government for renovating the Kamanjab Police Sub-station.
He said his traditional authority and subjects were proud to witness the commissioning of this development in the form of an upgraded police station.
Haraseb stated that the /Gaio-Daman Traditional Authority would look for possible platforms where crime-related topics such as domestic violence, stock theft and drug abuse can be discussed with its people.
?We can do it, and I want to promise you, minister, that we are going to fight crime together. We will fight domestic violence and child abuse in Kamanjab since we all want to see this area free from such crimes,? he noted.
He said his traditional authority will also continue to fight for development in the area and will aim to eradicate unemployment amongst the youth here.
The inauguration of the revamped Kamanjab Police Sub-station was also attended by Kamanjab Constituency Councillor Dudu Mororua and NamPol Deputy Inspector-General for Operations, Major-General Vilho Hifindaka.