Omaruru Town Council to look at rehabilitating Luna Park

13 Feb 2014 11:30am
OMARURU, 13 FEB (NAMPA) - The public swimming pool and other amenities at Omaruru's Luna Park are in a dilapidated state, and thus pose a health risk to people and animals as it is not fenced off.
Luna Park also consists of tennis and netball courts, a ‘kiddies’ pool as well as an entertainment area.
Vandals ran amok at the swimming pool, and removed and/or damaged almost everything movable – from swimming pool pumps and chlorine dispensers to lamp posts.
Dirty water and debris fill the deep end of the pool.
The area is overgrown with grass, while the tennis and netball courts have cracks and trees are growing from underneath the tar.
It is not clear how long the place has been in such a state.
Acting chief executive officer of the Omaruru municipality, Penda Nghaamwa said the lack of ownership is a contributing factor for the decay of the facilities.
“The municipality failed to take ownership of the whole sports facility,” he told Nampa in a telephonic interview on Thursday.
Nghaamwa said the municipality has plans to rehabilitate the place, and will look at it during the next financial year, which starts in June.
He could, however, not provide an estimate of costs to rehabilitate the park, but said it could run into millions of Namibian dollars.
Meanwhile, Bethold Karumendu from the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture’s Directorate of Sports told this agency earlier that there is a need to bring the facilities up to standard, and to add a couple more.
This, he said, would enable the town to host various national sports events, including a beach volleyball tournament which could be hosted in the dry Omaruru River running through the town.