Kaura reinstated as DTA party member and MP

12 Feb 2014 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 12 FEB (NAMPA) – Former DTA of Namibia president Katuutire Kaura is set to return to parliament until he appears for a trial at an extraordinary executive committee meeting on 27 February 2014.
DTA president McHenry Venaani made this announcement during a media conference here on Wednesday, saying the party’s management committee resolved to nullify the resolutions of the extraordinary executive committee on 01 February 2014 to terminate Kaura’s membership of the party and to recall him from the National Assembly (NA).
Kaura was recalled for allegedly causing division in the party and bringing it in disrepute.
Venaani was supposed to replace him in the NA, and informed the Speaker of the National Assembly, Theo-Ben Gurirab of the party’s decision.
Since then Kaura sought a court interdict to stop Venaani from replacing him in parliament and contesting his dismissal from the party.
“The DTA will therefore not oppose the urgent application brought before the High Court by Kaura in this regard,” Venaani said.
He explained that this was a technical nullification - technical in the sense that their lawyers misrepresented the party’s leadership and did not do their work properly.
“What happened is the fact that our lawyers did not amplify the agenda to Kaura’s lawyers,” said Venaani.
Kaura has complained to the party that he was not given fair time to respond to the allegations.
Venaani indicated that a lawful procedure will now be put in motion to bring the matter to its final conclusion.
“The charges against Kaura still stand. All we are saying is that a due and fair process will be given to him,” he noted.
Approached for comment, Kaura said he is still waiting for a letter from his legal representatives stating that he has been reinstated.
On the hearing, he said the party has to give him the charge sheet 72 hours ahead of time for him to prepare himself.