BBA Update: Heart-in-between task

June 7, 2013, 3:25 am

The housemates are a chain of reactions and it looks like big brother is the catalyst. Its day 11 and the housemates woke up, did their morning exercises with some housemates lazing around and spectating the ones actually doing the exercises amongst which included our very own girl Dillish, Botswana's Motamma, Melvin and Fatima. They looked excited doing the dance routines with the instructor, which included salsa and belly dancing. On the other hand house Ruby did outdoor exercises involving a lot of aerobics and stretches. Biguesas was dozing of, probably half asleep somewhere having breakfast, only a few did the exercises and I am happy to say Maria was one of the few and to my surprise Natasha , with a bit of struggle(I mean a lot of struggle) she was part of the few. Enjoyed loving her confidence so far.

Yesterday they were paired up in groups of twos and threes, big brother made it clear that they would work in these groups for the tasks during the week and the task was fitness related. The task was to hold up a given heart shaped object in between the pair or groups mouth without holding them. The pair or group that stays the longest in position or without dropping the object wins the task. Imagine standing with a guy you like for over an hour facing each other and the only thing stopping the two of you from lip locking is a shaped heart personally I think big brother's plan is to stir up emotions. LK4 and Koketso were paired up and the trio Pokello, Bassey and Beverly had to balance three hearts surprisingly both teams won.

In Maria's diary session today after being proclaimed by Oneal as the housemate that has gone unnoticed she somehow managed to get a lot of people's attention when she brought up the triangle of Koketso, LK4 and Beverly. She did not mention names but made it very obvious in her explanation which was: amongst the three one of them is very close to her (obviously Beverly) and the other is up for eviction (which is LK4) if you have been following the triangle soap story you can easily put the puzzle together. Thus Maria explained that LK4 admitted to liking Beverly more than Koketso but is only realising this now and she also made it clear that Beverly decided to stay away from the couple. I pity Koketso because she is so determined with keeping LK4 around her not knowing that he in reality likes Beverly. The triangle is not the only interesting relationship, I am worried that Hakeem is going to be distructed by Feza.I don’t know if its a man's thing or Feza's very bright hair has gotten Hakeem blind. Not long ago Hakeem was telling big brother that he dislikes Feza because of the swap and it seems like the feeling was mutual because they both nominated each other. Up until today when I witnessed Feza and Hakeem glued together because of the task and were still glued together after big brother had mentioned the task was over.

Could it be that Feza is trying her luck with the hunky Hakeem or that is Hakeem's way of keeping his mind away from thoughts of Cleo? If so, was it necessary for them to go under blankets together, I see another love triangle emerging. My guts are telling to me and is saying that Cleo might be swapped into the Ruby house and if Feza is going to be there, then I might as well resign and make watching big brother my full time job.

“Now tell me you don’t believe that big brother is playing the catalyst in this chemical reaction!”

BBA update by Missy