MTC, MobiPay launch MTC Money

12 Feb 2014 14:00


Mobile Telecommunication Limited (MTC) and Mobicash Solutions (Pty) Ltd, MobiPay,
launched MTC Money this morning.
MTC Money, will, as from tomorrow, enable customers to buy airtime, pay their MTC
invoices, pre-pay for contract lines, buy electricity units, use their phones as a digital wallet
to pay for goods and services at access points, withdraw and deposit cash, transfer money
and settle bills.
The MTC Money will basically allow customers to use their cell phones to additionally
make point-of-sale payments (POS) at MTC mobile homes, MobiPay agents and merchants,
countrywide. Just dial *140*682# on your cell phone and follow the instructions.
MTC managing director, Miguel Geraldes, noted this morning this platform was not created
to compete with the existing commercial bank services; rather it is meant to help strengthen
financial inclusion nationwide; "connecting those that are not yet connected", as he put it.
MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer, Tim Ekandjo, emphasised on the
financial inclusion bit, pointing out: “It is especially relevant for Namibia as the market, for
financial services has yet to fully mature, where as the mobile phone revolution has taken
a step into the realms of global village connectivity. When MTC looks at mobile phones, we
see more than just devices to make calls or send text messages. We see a new tool in the
hands of a globally mobile workforce and an interacted connection to family and friends.”
Customers can register at any MTC mobile home, Nampost, Pick n' Pay store and Woermann
Brock, central and coast. Registration forms are available on the MTC website. To pay for
shopping at selected merchants and agents, look out for the signage; "MTC Money Available