Second suspect arrested in 'racial' bar brawl

06 Jun 2013 10:00
GOBABIS, 06 JUN (NAMPA) - A second suspect was arrested on Thursday in connection with an attack on a young Gobabis entrepreneur over the weekend, which is believed to have been racially- motivated.
According to Namibian Police sources who asked to remain anonymous, the suspect has been linked to the crime which occurred on Saturday after it was alleged that he inflicted deep cuts to the complainant, Levi Katire?s neck, which resulted in severe blood loss.
The suspect is expected to appear in the Gobabis Magistrate?s Court on Friday, alongside Niko Kotze (33), who was arrested for the same attack on Tuesday.
Unlike Kotze, who faces three counts including a serious one of racial discrimination, the newly-arrested suspect has been charged with a relatively lesser count of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Meanwhile, the organisers of a protest march to show solidarity with Katire and to condemn racism on Friday have confirmed that their march will proceed as planned.
Gobabis residents are expected to converge at the Buffalo Bar, where the incident happened, and march into town to protest against the granting of bail to any of the suspects in the matter.
Nampa has also learnt that the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Omaheke Region called an urgent meeting for Friday with members of a recently-established Neighbourhood Watch, which has mainly enlisted white Namibians as members.
The meeting, according to sources, is to revisit the operations of the said Neighbourhood Watch, referred to as the Gobabis Neighbourhood Watch.
Gobabis residents have strongly condemned the operations of this body after claims of the harassment of residents at their hands came to the fore.
Residents told Nampa that they were stopped at night by patrolling vehicles of the Gobabis Neighbourhood Watch, and ?arrogantly questioned? on where they were going.
?It is like we are not free to walk around our town again. What is worse is that these people are often escorted by the police on their patrols.
We cannot allow this to happen in an independent country,? a resident, who asked not to be named, fumed to this news agency.
Residents were also puzzled why a second community policing unit was necessary as NamPol already has the ?Women and Men Network Against Crime? in its structures as an officially-recognised and legitimate community policing initiative.