Children swimming in dirty rainwater in Otjiwarongo

11 Feb 2014 13:50pm
OTJIWARONGO, 11 FEB (NAMPA) – Some children in informal settlements here are risking their health by playing in dirty pools of water.
The shallow pools of water formed on gravel roads in the DRC, Fabric Cement and Telecom informal settlements, following recent rains in the area.
A resident of the Fabric Cement informal settlement, Sitekela Seija said she has been chasing children from those pools since Monday, because those ponds contain broken bottles and tree leaves.
Meanwhile, Maria Samuel a resident of the DRC informal settlement who owns a garden behind her house, expressed happiness with the rain.
“It brought me relief, my crops were nearly dead and I was worried,” she said.
Samuel cultivates maize, watermelons and peanuts in her garden to feed her family.
This Nampa reporter also visited the new Ombili informal settlement being serviced by the Otjiwarongo Municipality.
Ten men contracted to dig trenches there to channel water pipeline to the informal settlement, also expressed happiness with the rainfall.
“The soil is soaked with rainwater and is soft, making our digging easier,” said one of the workers, Petrus Nakalamba.